We have prepared answers for some questions that were asked frequently!

1) How and where to sign up?

Click on the link and select the event for which you want to register. Then fill in all the required data and pay the start fee (you can also do it later)

2) How much is the participation fee?

When you enter the registration for the event of your choice, various tiles will appear on the right-hand side, including the PRICE LIST. There you will see the amounts for the various starts and the dates on which they apply.

3) Where are the regulations?

The current regulations of the competition can be found here

4. What documents should I fill in before the start?

If you take part in the live start, you need to fill in the participant application form. Additionally, if you want to enter a family you need to fill in a family sign-up sheet.

5. Is it possible to sign up several people from one account? 

6. How to sign up for 2 distances during one competition? (It does not apply if during the first competition you start over a distance of e.g. 5 km and during the second and subsequent competitions over a distance of 10 or 21 km)

If you want to start at two distances in one competition, you must have 2 accounts with different ID, there are two ways to do it:

1) create a new account with the same name and surname, providing a different e-mail address.

2) use the option "sing in person" in the place of e-mail, enter your name or another e-mail. How do it? --> (Go to point 5. Is it possible to sign up several people from one account?)

Remember each account has a different ID that the system recognizes when creating a ranking, if you want your results to be combined, always use the same ID for one distance. Applies to starts at two different distances during one event

7. I signed up some time ago and I want to pay for the start. How to do it?

8. How does the system calculate points for ranking?

RANKING = (time of the winner counted in seconds on a specific distance : time of a participant, for which points are counted in seconds) x number of points assigned to a given start 

e.g. The fastest runner at the 5km standard race distance covered the distance in 31:15, the runner for whom we are counting points had the time of 42:28.
The winner's points are 1000, and our competitor's points are:

(31min*60s + 15s) : (42min*60s + 28s) x 1000 pts. = 735,9 points.

9. what is the point rank of each event?

1. Online event - 200
2. Regional event - 500
3. Country Cup - 1000
4. National Championship - 2500
5. The Continental Cup - 4000
6. Continental Championships - converter 5000
7. World Cup - 5500
8. World Championship - 7000

10. How to download a diploma/certificate?

11. How can I edit my team?

12. How to join the team and create a team?

13. How to edit an account?

14. How to check the participants list?

15. How to create an account?

16. How to change the site language?

If you have any questions, please contact us at league@nordicwalking.pro

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